About Us

Hamble Aquatics Swim Team (HAST) are a UK based competitive, yet friendly swimming club based in Hamble, Southampton. The club caters for all capabilities from beginner to national competitor. We aim to provide swimmers with the opportunity to fulfil their maximum potential and have a proven track record of swimmers succeeding at all levels – Hampshire County ASA, ASER Swim South East Regional and National.

Hamble Aquatics has been established since 1997 and is a dynamic and energetic club of about 55 swimmers.

In the 2017 / 2018 season we produced two National swimmers, one English and one Welsh in three events, four Regional swimmers, two Regional medals, four Regional finals, two Hampshire County Champions across four events, eight County finalist in 14 finals, eight County Relay Team swims, 13 County swimmers qualifying in 52 events and finally four County medals.


Counties 2019

Individual Swims

2019, saw another successful year for us. We saw 14 individual qualifiers across all age groups, increasing our numbers yet again. Sophie Hamilton and Joe Doncom both managed to achieve medals; Sophie swim to success with a silver in her 50m breaststroke and bronze in her 100m breaststroke. Joe secured bronze in his 100m breaststroke. 

Additionally, the following swimmers managed to secure a place in their age group finals (these numbers are slightly less than last year due to the weather, the U14 didn’t get finals); Molly Aspinall, Fae Thompson, Shannon Lamb and Isabelle Hinkley. 

A hugh congratulations to the following swimmers who also made individual county swims this year, some for the first time; Amelia Doncom, Lily Brown, Amber McLaren, Victoria Birkett, Maria Lanza-Valenciano, Thomas Larby, Sophie Barton and Amy Hill. 

Relay Teams

Here at Hamble we try to ensure we are inclusive as possible, alongside celebrating our individually county successes we also like to showcase those selected to swim for Hamble in the relays. This year we took nine relay teams across all the age groups, both boys and girls. The picture of the left shows all our relay teams. We saw some amazing swims with the majoirty smashing their personal best swims. The Junior Girls this year narrowly missed out of a medal, achieving an amazing fourth place in their IM relay. 

Club La Santa 2017

In 2017 to celebrate the Club’s 20th anniversary, 19 swimmers attended a highly successful training camp at Club La Santa in Lanzarote during the October half term break. They all had an amazing time and brought back hundreds of memories that will last a lifetime! Thank you to every swimmer who gave it 100%, they pushed themselves to the max when I know at times it was tough, they tried and learnt new skills and as you saw from the photos showed La Santa our team spirit! A huge thank you to the adults who gave up their time to be parent, confidant, peace keeper, shoulder to cry on, coach, supporter and nagging meal time attendants who without their commitment this would not have been possible. And finally thank you to the parents for giving up your hard earned cash to pay for your swimmers to experience this wonderful opportunity and we can’t wait for you to see their hard work show through their swimming times/results!!

Dare I say it … Lanzarote 2019; HERE WE COME!

Listed below shows just a snapshot of what they experienced and the activities that they managed to undergo.

50,600m in the pool training 
6 hours of land training (30mins before each swim) 
1 x aquathlon
1 x triathlon 
60 miles in running 
160km Cycling
Boxing practice 
Beach volleyball 
Core work
Bleep Test 
A lots of free time jumping and playing in the pool

Week commencing Monday 19th August 2019:

Get Started

To join one of our competitive squads your child will need to attend an assessment session where we assess their swimming ability. It also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about joining a squad.