Equipment List

Now that your child has been accepted into the team they will need the correct swimming equipment to use during their training sessions and below is a list of required items:

  1. Hamble Aquatics swimming hat
  2. Swimming goggles
  3. Suitable swimming costume / trunks
  4. Kick Board (Float)
  5. Pull buoy
  6. Training Fins (For kick work)
  7. Drinks bottle (At least 750ml)
  8. Suitable holdall / rucksack
  9. Hamble Aquatics T-shirt (To be worn on poolside during competitions etc.)
  10. Hand paddles – not important yet!
  11. Snorkel – not important yet!

The swimming hat and top (highlighted orange above) are included within the one-off joining fee of £30, however if required, additional items can be purchased / ordered from the club shop.

A Club Desk and the club shop will usually be available on the first Sunday training session of each month, albeit please ask a member of the committee to assist if you would like to purchase club kit at any other time.

HAST swimmers are also able to obtain 10% discount on purchases from UK Swim and Swim Stop.

The UK Swim shop will usually have a range of swimming costumes and accessories available to purchase at our monthly club desk.  Alternatively, if you would like to order direct from UK Swim’s website ( please enter code Freya516 to receive your 10% discount.

Our other supplier of choice is Swim Stop.  You can visit their shop at Hambledon Parade, Waterlooville, PO7 6XE or order direct from their website ( As a member of Hamble Aquatics you will qualify for a 10% discount in the shop.  Alternatively, click on the “club swimmers” link on their website to receive the online discount code.

Any further questions may be directed to your child’s coach or via email to a member of the committee.

Get Started

To join one of our competitive squads your child will need to attend an assessment session where we assess their swimming ability. It also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about joining a squad.

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